#100101 - In the end of the game, after his friends have congratiolated him, he were totally sweaty and hot wearing the sportive shorts and shirt, he went sitting alone in some corner of the school hall, the evening were about to come, I love the evening and the horny reflection that it gives me. :. I was crazily madly in love with a nice mascular basketball player from school, I wasn't able to help myself when I see his body moving to the locker room or the bath, I used to follow him and watch him stripping or pissing, I getta hard pain in my knees, they get dairy and can't keep me standing up anymore, and my heart gets about to explode and I lose my power and forget what the kinda places I am in.

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Midori kasugano
Jordi deja mas tiempo jugando y cogiendo muy rapido lo cambias queria ver cono se agita y se dificulta en jugar cogiendo