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#240618 - Tim in the mean time had arranged that his Rugby playing friends Alan and Frank (big frank as opposed to Jenny Frank)who Amanda had been informed had a “deformed Whopper of a dick” when Amanda had enquired what was “deformed” about it he had replied that the first 7 inches or so was normal but another 3 inches or so hooked “up and left” as a result of a childhood accident to which Amanda had replied “cant wait” he was getting a couple of others interested as well , and as it went on it then became apparent that Jerry’s job was in the pipeline at the time of Amanda’s first interest and she looked upon it as a natural end to the affair, this sent me thinking, Tim had also asked Amanda to meet up with him outside of the party but she had declined saying “that was not the way it was to be”. A few moments later Frank was naked and Amanda was down to her panties, Susan had mounted Tim and was riding him with her pants pulled to one side, Amanda dipped her head and enveloped the end of Frank

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Konoka konoe
I definitely huge fan of yourself and brianna hentais and brianna she s natural goddess