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#74334 - I knew this girl Kennedy and she would give up her pussy and let these Mexicans take turns fucking her for crack her boyfriend used to work with me and every break he was on the phone crying. I told her your crazy you can t make this shit up so anyway as I was sleeping one night a huge guy came in bedroom drunk from partying with the girls he pulled his pants down and had a long Wong it wasn t even hard yet he came and laid next to me and took off my PJs and started to finger my hole immediately I got horny then he ate my ass he sucked my butthole to were I thought I was going to get hemroids but he kept sucking and making out with my butthole to where my eyes were rolling then he laid down and told me to get on his cock I guided it in my ass pussy and I went into a daze and he got me in a full Nelson I had no control he did as he pleased and he picked me up and fucked me in midair all I remember cuz in my daze was being man handled and my feet flopping around while I was getting poun

Read Cei Anal Angel Ch. 6-7 Oldman Anal Angel Ch. 6-7

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Kutaka niwatari
Bruh the beginning had me crying lol
Shizuka rin
Cute bra