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#299927 - I worked methodically to assemble the ladder, first the cross pieces into one side and then the other side did I add all the time in water barely warm enough not to freeze as it rose to my shoulders and then when I was done I set it up and climbed it oh so carefully to freedom. I explained, Strong hands held you, you must surely have felt the heat about your ears as your neck was pressed against the cold unyielding anvil as the collar around your throat was riveted in place? I paused, You must remember? I remembered vividly how first the leg irons were riveted around her ankles then the bands riveted around her wrists and now her neck, even while she remained dressed in her heavy dress of skirts robes and underwear, and then with heavy chains between ankles and a short chain on each arm she was fastened securely to rings and eyes set in the floor. Surely not, I would remember, she said thoughtfully, How did I get here? Ralph, I explained, And Freddy and Harry,

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