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#37157 - I worked my way up and down; deepthroating it and sliding the foreskin up and down the gland with my tongue, Kyouske was moaning in pleasure and my asshole was twitching. He started walking to his bed; without thinking; I grabbed his arm, spun him around so that I could see his cute then I run my fingers in his hair. It was about 8 inches and uncut, I started kissing the tip then licking the shaft and grabbing his shaved balls with my wet lips before taking half of his penis into my mouth and gently squeezing the other half with my right hand.

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Syoko hoshi
Me and my boyfriend fuck while his parents are down the hall all the time having the tv on helps bc i can t stay quiet
Mao amatsuka
Anyone that gets tattoos on their face is a fucking moron
Natsuki kuga
That is one heck of a view