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#154696 - It wasn't a well lit room her first thought was that of a movie she seen recently 'SAW 3' she almost giggled at the silly idea someone would tie her up just to do a bit of torturing pointless in her eyes. She sat back in her chair to doze off till the morning, Clara the voice was there again she looked at the clock frantically searching 4am she thought she made a 360 Degree scan outside the house her bedroom window faced the front of the street she peered out her window looking back and forth across the dim lighted land to see a figure standing maybe what she thought was 200m out perhaps her imagination? No, seemed a bit real but it was late she dismissed the figure outside and went to her bed. Her panties came down giving way to a nice flat ,shaved pussy she hated pubic hair so every day she would spend 10 minutes going over her pussy with a razor and every week or 2 she would buy fem car products to keep it extra smooth.

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