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#178990 - “I have never been readier,” gasped Gina as Donna wiggled her fingers deeper, “but please no blindfold the first time, I want to be able to see him fucking me. ” Hailey looked at Donna who was staring at Gina's departing ass with lust etched into her face and asked quietly, “are you still OK Donna?” To Hailey’s surprise Donna blushed deeply and shyly said, “Do dogs have good recovery powers?” Hailey nodded a s Donna went on, “Gina doesn’t know I want this but do you think I might be able to … Donna’s words tailed off into silence and Hailey realised what Donna was trying to say. Gina could see in the mirror that the dog’s cock was started to get larger and poke from its furry sheath and also Donna’s high-speed strip tease revealing her fuller but still firm breasts.

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