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#278847 - For pleasing my master, he gave me permission to roam the house, but l think it was because he really wanted to watch sport on telly. I heard the door close then the buckle on his trousers being undone, next his zip coming down, l received a hard slap on my bum cheek, ‘lovely’ he said and began sliding his whole fist into my love-hole the deeper he drove his fist and arm the more aroused l became and pleaded for him to fuck me, l got another hard slap on my bum cheeks with orders that he will fuck me when he was ready, Markus reached between my legs gripped my balls then twisted and squeezed them hard l screamed in pain he tightened his grip and declared my balls were going to be removed and released his hold, pulled his fist from my pussy and replaced his fist with his cock then gripped my hips and began to really fuck me hard and fast, l don’t think he had ever fucked me so hard, Markus was becoming so excited he was calling me ‘whole, dirty bitch, spunk dump’ and l was loving it, i

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