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#97367 - Chris, more than anything I want you to be happy but you have to understand this is a major step so you need to give me some time to think about this. As we left the slip road to join the flow of heavy traffic I asked What was it like? Did you enjoy it? Chris was silent for a long few moments, Fuck Paul, what do you want me to say, No… you are much better…, well you're not, it was wonderful, it was exciting, he woke feelings that I've not known before after a short pause she continued, He actually passed my cervix, can you imagine that, his dick bumping past my cervix, it hurt like hell at first but it was a good hurt that’s easy be grateful for and that beautiful black symbol of true manhood filled me completely, ejaculated so deep inside me. She kept glancing at him and smiling then she whispered to me, When I bumped into him it was like electricity shooting through me.

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