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#114449 - They pulled two chairs together sitting as close as they could to each other, both keep their eyes on Adonis. “How did you know that Adonis” Lilith said asking the question that was on the mind of all three of the females “It was very common practice after the rebellions “Adonis answered Adonis stood up quickly knocking his chair over in the process “what is it dear” Lilith asked “horses” Adonis replied walking towards the door and stepping outside he saw the horses come up the trail and enter the clearing in front of the cabin “stay inside” he said as he closed the door behind him we walked out into the clearing a little to meet them. Amy broke the kiss and stepped backwards towards the bed and laid down Adonis followed her, his tail slowly swaying behind him he laid down on top of her kissing her again she allowed his tongue to explore her mouth as she did the same to his.

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