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#294603 - Rather than ask Linda if there was somewhere in particular that she wanted to go I just drove while they sipped their hot coffees, taking the road to a nearby spot which myself and Linda had often many years ago, I knew Claire would be oblivious to our goings on at this place but more importantly I hoped it would jog Linda’s memory of our visits there when I was in my late teens and early twenties when Linda’s younger daughter, Claire’s grandmother’s younger sister, had married and moved with her new husband to the States it meant that Linda was then alone in her home and it was easier for us to meet when we wanted with no need for drives to beaches and into the countryside for hurried fumbling car sex. Claire lifted her head off my cock and moaned out loud giving me the opportunity to pull her hips down to my face and flick my tongue at her wet pussy and the little droplet of pussy juice that was hanging from the end of her cunt lips. I just shook my head, what had I let myself

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