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#299066 - All I could think about was this hot gal seducing me in her bedroom, while her husband was in the other room, and the only thing that I could think of was, what would happen if he walked in on us !!! She came up to me and started seductively kissing me, and oh she was a very good kisser too !!! She started wrapping her nice thick legs up around mine as she pressed her nice soft big tits into my chest, while pushing her tongue down my throat !!! My cock was instantly rock hard, and there was no hiding either, since it was pressing hard up against her leg. It soon was rubbing and holding my balls… gently squeezing them… And then I felt this hand wrapping around the shaft of my cock as I was fucking this awesome pussy !!! My mind went into shock !!! What the fuck was going on !!!! But this hot and wild stranger leaned up into my ear and gently pulled my head down into her tits, as she whispered…. ?” And then with a lust in ones eyes that I have never seen before, s

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Mairu shirouzu
You are so hot
Tomomi matsunaga
Omg i saw this on reddit xd
Asuka honda
Please post part 2
Kuusuke matsuno
Very beautiful boobs baby