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#214767 - Role playing with Jay was becoming so exciting he found an old wig of his mother’s and had learnt to put on makeup which he did very well, l loved kissing him when he wore lipstick, Jay knew just how to wank and suck my cock and when we were in a 69 and he shot his thick hot load into my mouth l would keep his cock firmly held between my lips and let his cum run from my mouth down his shaft and over his balls, sometimes we would reverse rolls even though he was dressed in his mother’s underwear he would lay on my back with his cock sandwiched on my bum and ride me as if to be fucking me then just before creaming my bum cheeks Jay would reach under to wank my cock at the same time grip my balls tight as he shot his hot cum over me causing me to shoot my sticky load onto the bed. I went to Jay’s one evening and his plump sister Dawn was there, she didn’t have an hour glass figure or massive tits and her hair always looked like it needed washing, l have to say she wasn’t the brightest

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