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#273363 - I suggested to the young man that he was free to feel her up and without thinking he grabbed a handful of Deana's wet snatch! His young wife was beside herself as she slapped him, he quickly pulled his hand back,. I never tried to stop them nor did she protest! One of her most delicious fantasy's had always been for her to be placed in a situation like this! There were now about seven men as I followed along at a distance. As I was fumbling for the key several of the men that had been following us at a distance were now on top of us, and because Deana was totally naked they felt she was fair game, one had grabbed her wrists away from me and another her bare bottom, this was all it took as in moments more horny men had emerged from the shadows and with hands all over her they forced her off down the walkway and into the alley behind the motel.

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