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#340266 - He has stretched her so wide now and was fucking her with his fist so hard that she didn’t want to even imagine the internal damage he was bestowing on her, she looks down to see what he’s doing and she screams because she sees he’s actually deeper into her pussy than just his fist, she sees it buried past his wrist and it’s full of their cum, her cum and a red tinge that she knows is her blood. He has 5 of his most loyal and trusted men lined up in his room, he quietly asks them what his daughter has done to them and for them to be honest as their generals life depends on it. The king looks closely at his general while he speaks, looking for a hint of a lie but could find none, could this be true, did his daughter provoke this treatment, the king nods at the general “I will do as you say, if there is truth in what you say, then she will be dealt with, you have won yourself a reprieve but only for a day but if what you say is a lie, you will hang this time tomorrow”.

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Mcgillis fareed
Yo vine a jalarmela pero me parecio muy interesante el hentai que se me olvido esto es contenido de calidad y educativo