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#176169 - After we calmed down we watched the video believe it or not the video picked up most of the voice from down stairs and you could even hear when Toni was giving him a blow job the slurping and sucking along with his moaning and both the talking . The actual fucking was less than 2 minutes but you could see Toni’s expression when he first enters it was priceless and also when he came so quick the look of disappointment ,but as it goes she did everything I asked we watched and listened to the video and recordings many time before and during our own love making sessions so it was a success. So I am a Chuck??? I DISAGREE When I first met my wife Toni of over 27 years she was a novice at sex yes she was married before had a child but really no experience.

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Junko konno
Need to try that
Wasting all that water gave me anxiety but great fuck
So beautiful you have an incredible body
Vivi nefertari
Anya you incredible woman this would be unbelievable it would be my heaven to be able to do the same for you
Mutsumi otohime
I would join that