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#366579 - As i sat there she rubbed oil into my back massaging my shoulders at the same time, then out of nowhere she says would you like to fuck me?, i couldn't speak for a moment, are you serious?; what do you think numbnuts she said sarcastically, i turned my head to see emily with that cheeky grin i knew only to well, she was on a wind up. I proceeded to tell emily the whole sordid story of maggie and what had taken place, showed her the letter and asked her opinion, so this woman paid YOU to suck you off!, you lucky little bastard she said, but what do think she wants? i asked, you'll never know unless you call the number, go on what's the worst that i stopped her, don't say that, your just asking for trouble, and it's me who'll be in it. As i knelt down i stroked the outside of maggies thighs, gently brushing my lips against her warm inner thighs, switching back and forth.

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Very hot
Nagi su ragarl
Imagine sucking dick for experience lol just go kill some skeletons and creepers