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#179547 - Dante finally found his voice and asked “How did you find me?” “I was screwing Rachael in the back of her car-about five miles that way [he pointed east] when I caught your scent, so after I finished fucking her and she left to go hang out with her mom at the mall [Tommy laughed to himself saying something about how Rachael would barely be able to walk] I followed you scent here. Dwelling on these thoughts, Dante started to feel horny again but he really didn’t want to jerk off again- for he had done so 12 times that morning and was starting to get frustrated that it was not easing his horniness- so Dante decides to go out for some fresh air. Without even thinking about it Dante begins to wade in the water allowing it to cool his overheating body and for good measure Dante did a couple laps just to get his heart pumping.

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