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#256799 - With the deftness of experience, I quickly disposed of the condom from his now softening tool and as I lay back down, he fell onto me, hugging me and murmuring, “I’m sorry; I’m so sorry,” as I gently stroked his hair and comforted him. I suppose, what I should have done is let him sleep on the couch but I somehow knew that he needed the physical comfort of a friend beside him tonight, not just a cold couch to doss-down on for the night. He still called around for late night chats but we never talked about that night and soon our conversations would include tales of his latest conquests and then his new “boyfriend”, who he of course brought around to me to approve! It’s sad really, isn’t it - but in a nice kind of way!.

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Akko kagari
Definitely have to try a massage hentai on my channel
I cum so hard to this that my legs are shaking
Amo alleta ocean
Nabiki tendo
Nice job vivian u made him cum his brains out keep up the good work