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#113966 - I threw my head back and moaned out my delight, my back slumping back against the couch allowing the room for Leon to feast away. I looked back at him from over my right shoulder, biting my bottom lip and purring like a kitten, my hips rocking up and down, grinding my self into his throbbing cock head, my juices coating his member more and more as it ran along my wet gash, “ fuck me with that big, black, cock Leon, I need my pussy fucked so bad, fuck me!”, I moaned out in lust reaching underneath myself to rub my clit. His big hands grasping a hold of my ass cheeks, fondling and squeezing them while his manhood plundered into my fuck hole, he rode me in that prone position as I panted for air, still recovering from my massive high, my hair was a mess, clinging to my forehead as I started to sweat.

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