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#104304 - Kevin always knew that he was different, even as a young child he knew. As their tongues explored each other's mouths, Greg's cock began to spasm in Kevin's hand and a huge jet of hot cum shot out as Greg groaned during his incredible orgasm!!! Neither of them said anything for a minute as each tried to collect their thoughts, but it was finally Kevin who admitted that that was the first time he had ever done anything sexually with anyone else in his life! Greg said that once at camp a counselor had exposed himself but at the time he was so scared that he didn't even have time to enjoy it, but for sure nothing like what he had just done with Kevin!!! Then Greg dropped to his knees, undid Kevin's pants, pulled out his cock, and began to gently suck on his raging boner until in only seconds he was shooting his load down Greg's eager throat! So this was how sex was supposed to be! Both boys decided another shower was in order, so they got in and began soa

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