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#362805 - Your avoiding the question Jan, do you want to see him again Jim asked, what we did with John on the boat was fun & I would like a repeat performance but only if it involves you, so if its ok with you how about we skype Captain Nick and you can suss him out, if we agree you can invite him down here for me, I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong impression & think he’s here just for me, said Jan. Things went back to normal at Jim & Jan’s home for the next few days apart from Cindy calling in after dinner on Thursday evening for a drink and chat, she was eager to ensure that Jim wasn’t too upset about the events of the previous weekend, she entered the house with two bottles of Bollinger thanking Jim for allowing her to steal Jan away to Sydney for the photoshoot, suggesting that Jan turned out to be a natural model and how she saved the whole thing from total disaster. Yes, Yes I understand Cindy but I’m not happy that you led Jan astray when you knew our feeling of only playing togethe

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