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#386850 - The model that was booked to display the dress selection had just called to inform Cindy that she had fallen ill & was unavailable for the photo session on Saturday morning. First up I was asked to put on the Blue evening dress with my push up bra, Chad asked me to go to the water’s edge, where he started to take photos of me looking out to sea, then turning to look over my shoulder, turning further to look straight at the cliff face all the time the camera was snapping away, I was then asked to lose the bra & Chad proceeded all over again, by now it was ten thirty the sun was warming up & it was Samantha’s turn to model, I returned to the tent & April handed me a nice cold champagne whilst she helped me get out of the dress, I sat down in just my G string before April handed me the short shorts & red check shirt required for the next session.

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Beautiful to listen and watch
Love the way he strokes his dick at the end
Mai natsume
So sexy baby