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#149786 - “Fuck…” I said with a sigh of relief and a smile on my face so happy I didn’t get caught I stretched my arms and legs a bit before hearing the door open, I snapped back into the position I was in when Leo left and just waited with my eyes closed, it wasn’t long before he came back in with a clean face, “I’m going to count to ten, when I do you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and you wont remember anything from the last fifteen minutes, understand” Lo said and then started counting. Kamario and I arrived at his family house early Friday afternoon; I was surprised to find that his mother was a total MILF when she greeted us at the door with a huge smile super excited to see her son, “Ma…” Kamario said “this is my friend Ethan” Kamario said holding his arm out introducing me to his Mother, at first it was all smiles and introductions while I was meeting his Father and his younger brother (12 ) and sister (14), followed by long hours of video game playing and eating junk food in Kamario’s ol

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