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#143092 - Foxx took me along with him to San Francisco on business!!! Talk about a wild place, diary, I actually saw two men fucking out in the open in the park and nobody even gave it a second look!!! Mr. Foxx told me told me to stand in front of the lady and be still!!! I knew right away what was gonna happen, and I just closed my eyes tight while she sucked my hard dick to orgasm!!! I didn’t care for it much, but really, when it comes right down to it, a suck is a suck, so I wasn’t complaining, that is until when I opened my eyes she had her dress up around her waist and her big hairy pussy open and ready for action!!! Good grief, diary, I prayed they didn’t want me to suck it, but Mr.

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Can i be next please
Akane senri
You are soo hot