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#98489 - He noticed and I thought he was going to apologise and take it away but he calmly asked why I was blushing so much and caught by surprise I blurted out that was what rabbit man had liked doing and it had happened to me, going even redder as I realised what I had admitted to after all this time. I just held on to it and it did not go down any and when he asked me to take it in my mouth and suck on it, I hesitated and he came so close that the tip of it was against my lips and I just licked it like I would an ice lolly before taking the head into my mouth and clamping my lips round the rim but only leaving it there for a minute or so before releasing it as I told him I did not like having it there. He went to them with his mouth and sucked on them while gently squeezing the flesh and as he nibbled the tips of my now rock hard points I felt tingles of pleasure go right to my tummy.

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I love you talk to me plz s2
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This is fabulous