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#13354 - Lunch was eaten in a constant chatter I could remember little of what was said, After lunch and coffee the 2 younger ones disappeared again for an hour we sat and exchanged pleasantries, after a while the kids came back I said time to go, on the way out we collected our purchases, clothes and toys. Pete broached the subject of when I was due to move homes I said next couple of weeks he said he could come and help me pack things up if I wanted I told him that everything was being done by the movers as part of the insurance and thanked him, He said we had better have a chat soon don't you think I said yes but first things first I am getting Kelly on the pill and I suggest you do the same for Lisa, does your wife know what’s going on with the two of you, Oh yes she lead me into it Her whole family are into incest, This surprised me over the past two days I have been finding out many things are a surprise. I don’t why, she had always been mischievous and with a quirky sense of hu

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