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#369497 - The train got to Doncaster and the others got out leaving me in the carriage with her I left my hat on the seat and went to the toilet I came back and there was half a dozen sweets in my hat ,Do you like sweets I put a few in your hat she started chatting with me she was going to stop with her sister in Newcastle for a week then back to London . A little while later after they had been stroking me I got Margo to kneel at the side of the bed open her legs I knelt down behind her Joan took my cock in her hand. A little later both of them got up but didn’t dress and walked around nude Joan had pedigree cats she used to breed and she was feeding them Margo cooked a meal in her flat I got out of bed don’t put any clothes on they said we like you like that the way it hangs down when its soft .

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