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#63211 - As she run her hands over me she told me that I wasn't the first girl she had done this too, and was confident about turning me into her sex slave who would be eager to lick and satisfy her Mistress anyway she pleased. She contacted me several times later, trying to get me to come for another “session”, but I knew enough about her methods and style to know that a second visit would be seen as me giving her consent to take full control of me and I felt that on my next visit I'd probably end up being locked in her dungeon and being kept there for a few days while she broke me in, something I knew she was well capable of. She knew that I hated the idea of just acting sub, and that I needed to feel things to be real, but assured me that once in scene she could be a real bitch, so there would be no need for me to “act” as it would quickly become quite real.

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