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#70549 - The two warm, velvet-like tentacle cups, went on massaging his balls, which seemed to have engorged and swollen more and more, a second later, the third tentacle retracted back, where it touched the tip of his glans, and began coiling around his now-hard throbbing member, forward and backward, as if milking the hard flesh. Oh my god!” he thought to himself! I CAN FEEL YOUR BRAIN, AND IT IS UNUSUALLY SMART ENOUGH FOR ME TO CONTACT, ALL THE OTHERS WERE BUT LOWER INSECTS, NONE OF THEM HAD YOUR BRAIN, ONCE I TRIED SPEAKING TO THEIR BRAINS, THEY COLLAPSED, AND I DID NOT BENEFIT EXCEPT OF THEIR FLESH, THEIR BONES KEPT PILING UP! As if out of nowhere, he could, just now, see the skeletons at the edge of sight, on the other end of the cave, just shreds, and bones with varying sizes! I CAN FEEL THE YOUNG BLOODS IN YOUR VEINS, AND THE PURE LUST YOU RADIATE FOR A FEMALE OF YOUR KIND, IS SHE A WIFE OF YOURS, OR A LOVER? Under the dreadful impact of the encounter, he replied: Neithe

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