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#253784 - The passageway was narrow, but as he walked behind her, he had to admire her body, how her blonde hair fell dawn her slender back just long enough to reach her butt, which was covered by a dark blue Ravenclaw skirt, but as he was walking behind her he realised that skirt was quite revealing and showing him her ass, and to his delight he discovered was a beautiful one. As soon as he replied she started kissing him again, Harry took that as a sign of things were going just fine, he let his left hand slide down to slightly touch her butt, what a lovely piece of ass Luna had, really firm but still soft and round but very much in shape, he grabbed it and gave it a squeeze, what a nice feeling, he would love just to be grabbing her ass all day, but Luna placing her hand on his erection, seemed to put him out of that idea.

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