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#192073 -                  The Adventures of Maid Marion   This is my first story please let me know what you think   Marion moaned as her father thrust into her again from behind his large member rubbing her cervix as he bottomed out, She loved the feel of his thick veiny penis in her tight pussy, she was broken from her thoughts by the loud groaning of her father as he thrust violently forwards spilling his seed into her.   They fucked several more times that evening until Marion struggled to walk to her chambers in the early hours of the morning her legs wobbly from repeated orgasms and her pussy sore from the multiple fuckings she had received, large white globs of cum ran down her legs as she staggered into her chambers to exhausted to even clean up she passed out on her large bed in deep slumber, she awoke later that morning to a wet rasping sensation on her sore hairless pussy turning her head slightly and still dazed she saw that one of her father'

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