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#172951 - . (Noga) yelled desperately. His erection was really stretched, that he looked back at his cock, and found, to his amazement, two fleshy minute protrusions, emerging from his own slit! He stared at his penis, and slightly opened his slit, to find that they were the tips of two tentacles, that came out from his urethra! He didn't know exactly what their functions were, and what to do with them, and on fantasizing about pushing one of them in her anus, they actually moved! He again tried to move them on his free will, and they astonishingly responded, he mentally aimed one of them two her anus, and invaded the virgin, puckered opening, thin as it was, she only sighed with pleasure, as her anus was gently manipulated; Not knowing what to do with the second one, he moved it around her vulva and decided -on just-messing-around basis- to impale her urethra with it, and he did push it towards her pee-hole! When he shoved the slender head inside her urethra, she squirmed, and

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