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#40546 - The lesson started and David was showing Shelley something on the computer, leaning over her shoulder to show her, she turned her head and kissed him, “Are you going to fuck me David”? “That’s why I’m here, but we have to be careful because of your mother” “Oh she’ll not bother us, she’ll be out in the garden taking care of her plants” looking threw the window, David saw Margaret busy dead heading and pulling up weeds, “Come on then sexy, get your knickers off” Shelley giggled, “I’m not wearing any” not wanting to take too much of a risk David suggested they keep their clothes on, Shelley moved to her bed and pulled her skirt up to her neck, David dropped his trousers and underwear and settled between her legs, they were well into it and didn’t hear Margaret coming up the stairs, when she stepped into Shelley’s room and saw them fucking like crazy animals, she screamed “Get off her, stop this at once” David shot to his feet, his cock sticking up like a flag pole, “Get out, get your clo

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