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#291275 - Merrill was a tall handsome man of about forty five, and right away he put the two woman at ease with his easy manner and gregarious voice!!! I'm really glad you two decided to come down, he said effusively, you see we have this film coming up that is entitled Mother and Daughter, and if you know anything about our company, we use true to life examples in all of our films!!! For example, when we make a picture about gay men we only use real gays in the movie, never actors only pretending to be gay, he explained, so, in the case of our new film we need a real mother-daughter combination!!! After both Vera and Alana let that sink in, Alana spoke up and said, We don't have any acting experience, Mr. An almost cruel chuckle escaped his lips, and with slight pressure on Alana shoulders, he pushed her to the floor and asked Vera, Have you ever seen her suck a big cock, well, now you're gonna get to!!! Alana was now almost in a sexual frenzy over Duke Lancer�

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